CAD/CAM software is used to translate computer-aided design (CAD) to manufacturing workpieces with computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) on your CNC machine.

Mill Solutions

Complete design suite tailored to machinists, encompassing wireframe, surfaces, solids, plus versatile toolpath modules for diverse machining.
Mastercam Mill offers optimal milling solutions, from versatile pocketing to intricate 5-axis turbine cutting, ensuring faster, precise, and repeatable part production. Used in everyday product manufacturing, it provides diverse machining strategies and scalability to match evolving shop requirements, establishing a solid foundation for efficient and accurate milling processes.

CNC Lathe Solutions

Seamless CAD-CAM integration offers robust tools for creating and modifying wireframes, surfaces, solids, and MBD data. Enhanced toolpaths for optimal precision.
Empower your precision part production with Mastercam Lathe software. Achieve precise turning through user-friendly roughing, threading, drilling, and finishing routines. Benefit from C-axis programming tools, enhanced when combined with Mastercam Mill, offering expanded face contour, cross contour, and drilling options for elevated productivity and versatile machining capabilities.

Mill-Turn Solutions

Unified platform for optimization, synchronization, and visualization. Automate intricate operations across multiple machines. Streamline milling, turning, drilling for efficiency.
Enhance machining efficiency and safety with Mastercam Mill-Turn programming, optimizing multistream machine centers. Reduce setups, manual handling, and idle time for heightened manufacturing productivity. Leverage proven milling and lathe toolpaths, simplifying programming for mill-turn machines while tailoring job setups to your specific shop machinery.

Swiss Machining Solutions

Precision G-code and versatile programming for diverse Swiss machines. Enhanced POCO, multi-stream viewing, customized posting. Integrated CAD-CAM power.
Experience seamless CNC Swiss machining with Mastercam’s integrated solution, eliminating the need for separate software. Benefit from precision and convenience for gang-style, gang-turret, and B-axis machines. This unified Swiss Solution combines Mastercam Mill and Lathe, supported by an optimized post processor, empowering you to confidently program parts precisely tailored to your Swiss machines.

Wire Solutions

Versatile design support from wireframe to solid models. Mastercam Wire excels with efficient programming, adaptive strategies, and compatibility.
Elevate CNC Wire EDM programming with Mastercam Wire. Efficient 2-axis and 4-axis wirepaths offer flexibility and precise control. Tailor wire motion, angles, entries, and exits intuitively for optimal outcomes, simplifying complex operations while ensuring clarity and productivity in the process.

CNC Router Software

Mastercam CNC Router software offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions with router-specific features for enhanced productivity and versatility.
Optimize CNC router efficiency with Mastercam Router software. Suitable for hobbyists and manufacturers, it ensures ease, speed, and reliability. Industry-proven CNC programming guarantees safe and efficient router machining, spanning wood to composite materials, minimizing downtime and errors for enhanced productivity.

Design Solutions

Robust CAD platform with direct modeling, file import, and prep, enhancing production efficiency through CAM support.
Mastercam Design streamlines intricate part creation using a comprehensive CAD tool suite. Part of Mastercam’s CAM solutions or standalone, it addresses imported model issues, fixture creation, and more. This potent CAD engine includes modeling and preparation tools to expedite parts’ transition on and off machines for CAM programmers.

Educational Suite

Complete suite: Mill, Lathe, Wire, Router, Design, Art, ProDrill. Inclusive post processors, education support, and resources.
Avail discounted CAD/CAM software for schools, integrating premier CAM software into curricula. Mastercam Educational Suite offers full industrial functionality, providing teachers flexibility to teach from basics to advanced CAM. Ideal for CAD/CAM exposure, STEM education, or comprehensive manufacturing career preparation with hands-on instruction, all within one software package.

Home Learning Edition

Learning Edition lacks G-code posting, saving files in EMCAM format, without industrial Mastercam compatibility or post processors.
Mastercam Learning Edition offers free CAD/CAM software for educational use and demos. Ideal for industry professionals, students, and teachers seeking to learn CAD/CAM, it provides the complete Mastercam suite with minimal restrictions, aiding familiarity with the software from the comfort of home.