Effortlessly Manufacture Intricate Components using NCG CAM Independent CAM Software. Robust, Trustworthy & Budget-Friendly Advanced 3D CAM Solution. NCG CAM proves ideal for swiftly machining molds, tooling, early-stage models, and meticulous surface manufacturing.
Experience the Power of NCG CAM as a standalone CAM solution that offers a user-friendly HSM CAM system integration with prevailing CAD and CAM setups, encompassing SmartForm Design™, Think3™, Ansys™ SpaceClaim™, CREO™, Pro/ENGINEER™, and SolidWorks™.
NCG CAM prides itself on a multitude of pioneering attributes. It caters to all types of geometries, facilitating an optimized, fluid cutter movement for HSM. This aids in prolonging tool longevity, curtailing machine tool abrasion, and yielding components with an exceptional surface finesse.
The interface of NCG CAM is remarkably intuitive, necessitating merely a single day’s learning curve to handle live machining tasks. A prime choice for expeditious machining of molds, tooling, prototypes, and meticulous surface refining.

Key Software Benefits:

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